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Permaculture Local is an online bioregional information resource built by a community of Permaculture practitioners and topic experts to serve a global need. When people search for information on how to live sustainably, this site answers the question, "What works where I live?"

Envisioned by Bill Mollison in the Permaculture Designer's Manual, the bioregional resource brings together the knowledge and wisdom of a large number of people who are working with permaculture systems on the ground to create a library of lessons learned in each bioregion of the world. Members of the site can add and edit content in several databases, while topic curators review and approve any changes to keep quality high.

It's a big project. Your contributions of knowledge, wisdom and financial support help build something that is larger than any of us could do alone. Everyone should be able to get involved at some level, even if it's as simple as rating the plants that grow best in your system.

We are still building the foundations, but as things come online, you will find:

  • A database of popular permaculture plants, to help you find which plants grow well where you live.
  • A knowledgebase of educational websites, books and other resources that will teach what you need to know to succeed in your bioregion.
  • Discussion forums to organize our community and share what we are learning.
  • Private group space for local groups around the world to be able to communicate and organize.
    • Gardening journals to help you track observations of your local project.
    • Blogs from members of local groups that you belong to.

Please join the Permaculture Local community and add your piece to the puzzle. Together, we are better.

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Permaculture Special

Permaculture Local Adopts Florida State-wide Resources

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Jenny Nazak, a permaculture educator and consultant based in Daytona Beach, originally founded the former Florida Permaculture Networker website to fill a need that she saw for a stable state-wide online hub to connect people and resources within the permaculture community. Last week, she announced that it's time to pull the plug. "This is good news", she said. "The FPN website has been very successful and served its purpose in making connections. Those functions are now being served by other organizations and websites, including the Florida Permaculture Convergence, the Permaculture Florida Facebook group and Permaculture Local."

Jenny shared the entire collected resources of the FPN website with Permaculture Local to be imported into the Bioregional Knowledgebase so that the information will continue to be available to the community. Members of the PCL community are working to update and cross-index each entry by topic and bioregion for easy searching.

Try a sample bioregional search here:

Jenny intends to focus her attention on developing the newly-launched Daytona Beach Permaculture Guild and on her growing permaculture consulting practice.

"The List" is here!

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When they were asked to name their favorite online resources for Permaculture education, the members of Geoff Lawton's 2014 Online Permaculture Design Certificate course submitted more than 1400 links to some of the best material available on the web. Those links were compiled by 2013 OPDC alumnus MichaelT into what became known simply as "The List", and were shared on his website for the benefit of the students. Eventually, maintenance of the webpage became overwhelming and the project was ended, but a copy was preserved by Hugo at La Ferme 5 Elements, and was later converted to a pdf file by Del Hansen and posted on the class Facebook page.

The List has now been imported into our Resources Knowledgebase as the seed of what we hope will grow to be an important information source for people seeking to learn about Permaculture in their own local bioregion. At this time, most of the links have yet to be indexed into the Topics list, and can be found under the "Uncategorized" link.

PCL Editors and Topic Curators will be reviewing and indexing each entry over time, to make it easier to find the information that you are looking for. The original categories used in the Topics list were suggested by Bill Mollison in Permaculture: A Designers' Manual to encompass all of the things that you'd like to know as you begin to live sustainably within your bioregion. Learn how you can become a PCL Editor and help build something great.

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