Permaculture Local Adopts Florida State-wide Resources

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Jenny Nazak, a permaculture educator and consultant based in Daytona Beach, originally founded the former Florida Permaculture Networker website to fill a need that she saw for a stable state-wide online hub to connect people and resources within the permaculture community. Last week, she announced that it's time to pull the plug. "This is good news", she said. "The FPN website has been very successful and served its purpose in making connections. Those functions are now being served by other organizations and websites, including the Florida Permaculture Convergence, the Permaculture Florida Facebook group and Permaculture Local."

Jenny shared the entire collected resources of the FPN website with Permaculture Local to be imported into the Bioregional Knowledgebase so that the information will continue to be available to the community. Members of the PCL community are working to update and cross-index each entry by topic and bioregion for easy searching.

Try a sample bioregional search here:

Jenny intends to focus her attention on developing the newly-launched Daytona Beach Permaculture Guild and on her growing permaculture consulting practice.